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The Jabo Challenge


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It's been about 3 years or better now that Jabo started the private runs. I would imagine someone (more than one)

has a collection that includes a marble from every run. The challenge ? Take a handful of marbles or one from EACH

and EVERY run from the last 3 years starting with the FIRST JOKER RUN. Put all of them in a box.....a big box !

WHO can sort and I.D these Jabos according to the run and the names of the marbles without internet or books ?

Some of the Jabo Heavy Hitters could put this collection together. Take that box to the next marble show. The challenge is on.

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That would be a tough one!I kind of have that going on at my house right now!

This last run had some in it,that looked very similar to ones in the friendship run.

It sounds very similar to the problem,identifying "West Virginia swirls".And that is getting better for everyone,as more books and documentation,are surfacing.

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I'll Go you one better.

Get a handfull of all the runs ID>

Pack them very carefully.

And send them to me??

I'll be watching for the mail.

It would be nice to have privy

to all the special runs.

Some of us don't have the

funds or the travel time to get them.

Since the vintage mibs have literally dried up.

I need to expand my horizon.


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