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    Collecting machine made and contemp marbles.<br /><br />I play hockey and hunt ( Big Game )<br /><br />Am an artist (paint) and hope to establish a "following"<br />and be represented by a gallery..........LOL.....I'd just like<br />to sell some of my work....it's hung up and is now piling<br />up.

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  1. Zaboo has one of these as well. Came from the same group. I still have 1. All 4 came out of Canada. Go Figure !
  2. Galen...! You never gave up a Guinea for that. You got that from me in 2005 with 3 others. Merry X-Mas ! RAR
  3. I'm inclined to go with Vitro on this one. Better pics of this marble are a must...just like any other thread.
  4. It's been about 3 years or better now that Jabo started the private runs. I would imagine someone (more than one) has a collection that includes a marble from every run. The challenge ? Take a handful of marbles or one from EACH and EVERY run from the last 3 years starting with the FIRST JOKER RUN. Put all of them in a box.....a big box ! WHO can sort and I.D these Jabos according to the run and the names of the marbles without internet or books ? Some of the Jabo Heavy Hitters could put this collection together. Take that box to the next marble show. The challenge is on.
  5. So the Jabo Lutz should really be called a Golden McCullough. Aventurine is a GLASS....since when ? There's that Fool's Gold again.
  6. Was gold actually in the glass rods that were used to make the hand-made marbles we call Lutz ? If not.....what was it because that element was stable enough to use in the rods and produced what we call "gold" on a very consistent basis....it wasn't random. For some reason Fool's Gold keeps popping up in my mind.
  7. If you don't care about marbles........give'em away ! The only Pelts that hold any value that have fractures are the Nova's !
  8. The Pelt Sub has a Transparent/Translucent Blue baseglass with opaque orange ribbons. Putting all of the Supermen and Spidermen in a "Submarine Catagory" doesn't make sense to me.
  9. This what I've always considered to be Pelt Sub....transparent blue base.
  10. This would be the Pelt I'd toss in the mix. Red,yellow, reach'n on orange, opaque green and transparent green.
  11. I'm not seeing a red transparent base Pelt in this thread.
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