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  1. JABO recreated...2013 Author Comment psiaboy JABO recreated...2013 Lead [-] Posts: 114 TAGS : None Check this listing out. For only $2599.99 you will get 7 to 9 boxes of marbles... CRAZY for a number of reasons. http://www.ebay.com/...984.m1438.l2649 Please read my article at joemarbles.com entitled "JABO Recreated" dated March 27, 2012. I wrote it before JABO started making marbles agaion or Sammy's Mountain Marbles came to be. JABO has no PROVEN glass maker. Their new tank was reportedly built by a man who has not built a tank in 8 or 10 years. The marbles made so far are OK, but not worth a financial premium. They apparently made 5 or 7 runs last year and yet only admitted to making two or three. As for the price of this run, it is ridiculous. The worst the Tributes ran (3/4") we got 2.5 boxes for $500.00. The best we got was 3.5 boxes for $500.00 So, For $2500. 00 with the Tributes you should have gotten between 12.5 boxes and 17.5 boxes. For me, the best part of this listing is OBO...or best offer.... My guess is that you will be able to buy all of these you want one at a time and still have $2000.00 in your pocket. There will be some pretty marbles, but the premium as investor in a run with an unproven, nameless glass maker is way too high versus the possible reward Mar 17 13 5:07 PM
  2. From his About me section on Ebay...also has his address and phone#. I quote: "I love going to garage sales in the early morning and rushing to try and be the first in line to get the good stuff. It's a little difficult doing this because i live in the upstate woodlands of New York State and there are no sales around me, which means i need to travel down to 1 of the cities which surround my area . My 1st love is with Marbles . I stated by reading what i could get my hands on and then going to the major marble shows. I met Bob,Stan and Mrs Block and got to be good friends with them and sold many marbles through their auction catalogs as well as at the shows that my " Cousin " Bert Cohen set up in Marlborough Mass . This is also where i met and became good friends with Larry Castle and Marlow Peterson and picked their brains for knowledge . Beverly Brule.. became an excellent friend and we discussed many things over the internet . I became buddies with Dennis Webb of Greenburg Guide to Marbles when i sent him an undiscovered bag of factory produced marbles which had not come to the surface over his many years of being in the marbles hobby & business . I did writing of articles for the Marble Collectors Society Of America and became very well known for my research into how certain marbles came into being . I AM PROUD TO SAY THAT " I NAMED THE PARROT MARBLE " , It happened when Bob Block was standing in back of me looking at my marbles at the Marlborough Mass. Show . Needless to say that when all the marble books suddenly hit the market and the dealers got hold of them , the ease of acquiring decent marbles became almost impossible without paying well increased prices , so it seemed time to expand and get into other fields as well as marbles . I did operate a marble polishing/grinding machine for a few years and was 1 of the first to do so in New York State . The most recent thing to happen is that my friend Hansel has worked with the JABO CO. and created a new marble called " Eagle " . Turns out that a bunch of my friends were there with Dave making all kinds of new JABO marbles . There...gee..now you know who i know and that should give you a good idea of my socialization . Brian Estepp is Morphy's main guy on the marbles scene and becoming the go to guy as an authority .Luckily i spent about 2 months with Brian getting my Machine Mades .. set up for the auction and are now very good friends ."
  3. Don, Is right on the money. It will include some of what you ask, Some of how they were made and lots of pics of very pretty MKs.The exact records since the fire are all still kept, but I do not know if they will be opened for this or any book. Cross your fingers.
  4. The Vacor seems to have been slumped.
  5. ...oops! ...did not see the word oxblood...so not a Koko.
  6. I missed this before. I am from Watertown. It is 326 miles North of the Tappanzee Bridge in Northern NY. The Catskills are "Upstate" are on the way to Watertown and about 100 miles out of NYC. We all bought our marbles at Woolworth's on Public Square or from a store the was a toy store kitty corner from Woolworth's. I am really surprised by this ad because in the late 50s and early sixties all I saw in Woolworth's were common Vitros and later Vitro cats were added. I never saw a Pelt or Akro etc until later. Anyway, that's what I remember about buying marbles in my home town as kid. I am surprised by this ad.
  7. Just got an email from Bert asking me to remind everyone to make their plans for Oct. 6 & 7.
  8. JABO, Inc. is still JABO, Inc. and at the same location. J&J Fresh Start was the name of a run. The just did another run last week. In between, some who were there one fine day say they had a run. JABO says no such run took place. So, there have either been 2 or 3 runs since April.
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