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Types Of Damage I Repair By Torching


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Many members have emailed me about the types of damage that a torch can repair without losing volume of glass in their marble. So, I found 13 categories I use when discussing repairs and I though it would be informational to write a post about it.

One must follow the rule that, "The glass will do what IT wants to do!" at all times. One never knows the result until the glass gets into the torch's flame - so be aware of that fact when considering a marble repair. About 5% of the time with the old glass, it will shatter inside the kiln during the warming-up process - another factor to consider. Finally, I always warn, if the marble has ANY emotional feelings attached to it, do not attempt any repair but, instead, buy a single rose vase and display it in the cabinet where it will be there for future family members.

I only want to show i this thread what happens to the glass where the damage is present. IT IS ONLY STEP ONE in the process. I have not altered the marble in any other way by adding glass, adding aventurine or doing any type of art on the marble. This post isn't for how good the marble looks as it will never be like it is supposed to be when rolling down the rollers IF it were perfect. Also, some of the oxblood used was not the best in the marbles I chose to post here so you'll see some orange peel look in a few of the examples.

Types of Marble Damage

Many things can happen to marbles that make them in need of repair. Several times I wanted to know the history, the story of how the marble received its’ damage. Below is my names, or classifications if you will, of the types of damage I see and am asked to repair.

DENTS – It looks like it’s been in a crash and part of the glass is dented in.



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I hope you've enjoyed looking at my little types of damage pictures with the accompanying fixes.

Remember, these fixes are only the first step in the repair of the marble.

After one fills in the cracks, chips, etc., then the art work begins!

Thanks for looking.


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Interesting.....Rich has shown here how a variety of damages to marbles can be fixed; a decent instructional Thread. What is curious is that all sorts of people piled on right after he posted this including myself and railed about how the results were an aesthetically unpleasing marble as opposed to an original machine-made marble and Rich had clearly responded that the object of the Thread was to specifically show damage repairs that could be accomplished. It did tend to make fools of ourselves, yours truly included although I think I recall providing somewhat of a disclaimer since artistry was not the goal. David

P.S. Anyway, good repair work Rich....

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All kidding aside, I hope that I am trying to show a positive way that people can view a new look at marbles and the repairs necessary to make them whole again.

It's a new change in the way that one can look at the hobby of collecting and change can be a difficult thing to manage for some people and their way to handle change to to voice their opinions in a not so positive way.

Constructive criticism is always a good thing and I hope that threads are taken that way.

Now, back to the repairs.

I posted the final results of what I do to old dug marble cullet.

All those marbles started out with some type of damage so I "fixed" them BEFORE I "arted" them up.

Here's the link to that post.


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