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Should I Have Waited 2 More Months For A Lower Price

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Hi all I headed out to look at a few thousand marbles yesterday , all turned out to be cats and very common ,just passed as I tried to get pics before the 60 mile one way drive but they insisted they were very old so off we went . when there they turned out to be sellers on craiglist and the bay so I knew thew could have sent some pictures so that is why I did not even offer . Felt better just saying list then and heading out . A few miles away there was a small consignment store very thing looked like left over church rummage stuff till the cabinet with marbles , Yes I got a few and even listed one of the bay and might put up a few more but here is the one keeper for sure a nice onion skin lutz 7/8 in size .

So look at the pics and the tag and let me know if I did right buying with the price at the high end of the tag as they just came in . when thinking about the rapid decision I made remember it would be a 100 mile trip to come back . the tag said they have been in the store since 7 7 11 almost 14 days ago . Mike





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I hate it when shops try to take advantage of you. You should post the exact location of that place. That way any of us within 5 or 9 hundred miles or so could stop by and tell them what we think when we are in the area.

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