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Any Such Thing As A "good" Large Marble Lot On Ebay?


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Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm could be.....


....this lot of 14 lbs has yielded these mibs


from the first two baggies of about 100 mibs, each. The Liberty and Ketchup n Mustard are each wet mint and 11/16" and the red transparent Pelt multi-color, near mint, wet with a couple of pinpricks, is a fat 3/4"! Also pictured, Mint- Akro Indian Blanket cork, NM-M MK bumble bees, a clearM- Pelt clown (clear with blk/wht/yel/org patch? my 1st, maybe), naked ribbon, a collectable solid core naked swirl, a Mint very light green or amber or yellow (?) transparent based Pelt multicolor, M Akro orange w/black edged green cork, NM+ Akro Cherry Ade or Carnelian shooter & more including these. Still 100-200 from the bags these came from un-IDd and or lessor mibs. 14 baggies, above, still unexplored! Yay! There might be a god (of marbles, anyhow), after all!!

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That's the fun of buying a large lot - sorting, finding surprises, learning, etc. I bought many that way when I first started collecting.

Yeah but so many lots were such garbage I all but quit messing with them. Only 2nd large lot for me in several months. I got this one cuz the price wound up under 25 cents per and saw a couple possibilities in it. No cats eyes and older looking mibs.

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