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A Twisted Marble Tale

MC Marbles

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About three weeks ago I bought a marble lot on E-bay.

It looked like it had 8-10 Vitro Parrot Shooters in it.

I love Parrots so I put in a healthy bid.

I won the auction for $160.00 plus $10 shipping.

I was excited even though I could not count on the condition of the mibs.

Finally the package arrives......

To my dismay it contained a group of "Civil War" Magic Marker Clay Marbles.

Obviously I received the wrong package.

Inside was an invoice for $56.00 to someone in New York State.

I contacted the seller & yes a mistake was made.

I sent the clays back to the seller and she was nice enough to cover the return postage.

So here I am still waiting for the Parrots.

I got agitated because I still have not received what I paid for.

I pushed the seller for answers and she finally replies

"The person who got my marbles will not reply to her & she fears they will not return my marbles."

I finally won an E-bay lot that excited me & This happens!!!

I will eventually get my money back but I really wanted those parrots.

I still need a Marble Fix.....

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That is a bit of a stinker. Years ago I ran into a similar situation where the seller sent me a handmade marble from another auction, not the one I bought. The marbles looked similar, but I bid a premium for the one I wanted and got sent the one I'd seen, but passed on (in order to bid more for the one I wanted).. Same deal with the other buyer that lucked out with "my" marble not very interested in getting it resolved

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