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Bagatelle Treasure Hunt Pinball Game?

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Hi all

Just wondering if anyone knows something about this game?

It looks like a table top pinball game.

It has what looks like MK double patch marbles.

When three marbles line up in the tumblers of a lock.

There's a key on the side that turns & opens the top giving the

player a prize.

Anyone know what one of these games would be valued at?

Steph have you seen any of these in your research?

sorry no pics



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Hi Steph,

Some reason the link didn't load for me.

It sent me to another site.

Any how

It's much later than 1939.

I'd say late 50's or 60's.

The game is a smaller version of the regular Pin Ball game.

Something youwould set on a table top>

It has flippers & several marbles. All of which are MK double patch.

They are like the red, white, & blue patches, that MK made in 76.

Only the marbles in the game have red, green,& brown patches

among other colors.

It's about the same length as the old metal pin games that

had wood backs.

this one sets on 4 plastic legs.

and is enclosed in a plastic shell.

They must be rare if you haven't heard of or seen one.

I have 2. One with a partial box.

Both have the full compliment of prizes..

The box picture's children dressed as Pirates.

sorry still no pics.

thanks for your help.


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Hi Steph,

The one you have pictured is a flat board construction.

The one in my question looks like a miniture pinball game.

Like the ones found in arcades.

They must really be rare as none of the board members has

chimed in.

I'm hoping that someone knows something.

It's hard to value something that's unknown?

Thank's again Steph for looking for me,


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bagatelle game | eBay

Vintage Three Keys To Treasure "Win A Prize" Bagatelle ... Location: USA . ... Hasbro African Hunt Bagatelle Table Game 1969. Location: USA . Feedback: ...


Three Keys To Treasure Bagatelle (1961)

made by Marx

Well I went to google & this was the result of my search.

Thing is I can't find any listings with this game.


So maybe this will help??

I found it!



thanks again Steph for your help/


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