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More Wood, Copperhead Or Woody + 1?


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Regarding the woody - hard to tell from one view but it does not look like a Peltier. Here are a couple pics- one by chuck in 2007 (which looks like the best example to me) and crappieman (multipic).which may fit but...? I definitely don't know for sure what a woody is with Peltier but these come the closest. There's one on Peltiermarbles site but it is even more different.




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I've got the camera put up and the pictures I have dont show much differant.

Its a brother to that last one in the copperhead thread, it doesnt have that "oilslick" patch but could be same run otherwise.

heres 1 I'll get some better next week.


this is the one in the other thread.


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Your second photo kinda looks vitroish to me however get more opinions. The first one is a copperhead wanna be, being close but not quite there. A lot of the peltheads like to see a bluish cast to the copperhead to make it the real deal. Ribbons of bluish/gray are in the copperhead. Yours is close and you can it it what you like. I like to explain the whys and composition of the marbles for a better understanding. The Copperheads fall about midrange of the HTFs. Chuck G--

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