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Art Glass Marbles


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I am a newbie, began with some German handmade and started to develop and interest in the "art Glass" hand made marbles. They are quite beautiful. Why is there such a disparity in price? Some artists are listed at $300 or more, but I am buying equally beautiful signed marbles for far less. Size seems to matter ( as always) but there must be more to it. .Is the age of the marble important? Are some artists more readily recognizable than others, hence demand a higher premium?Just asking

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Price is indexed to the difficulty of the design and execution, the level of finish, the amount of time that goes into the piece, the credentials of the artist, demand and materials. There are contemporary pieces that sell in the $2-3K range. There are also good pieces in the $20 range.... but they aren't at the level of a $1K piece.

Some artists set the mark for their unique designs. Others tend to follow the designs of others. Tank pieces are generally more costly than torch pieces. Level of detail and precision of execution count for a lot, IMO.

There is an active market at both ends of the price spectrum.



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Good explanation Alan.

Swirlsrus, don't know where you are located but the first weekend in March is Bruce Breslow's Marble Crazy at the Moon at Moon Marble Company in Bonner Springs, KS. There will be about 20 contemporary glass artists show in their talents. On Sunday is the Kansas City Marble Club show for all types of marble collectors.

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