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Need Your Marble Scrubbed

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DOUBLE LEFT CLICK THE THUMBNAILS TO ENLARGE THE PHOTOS. I built a new machine that scrubs and buffs marbles. It Will handle sizes up to and including seven eights of an inch. The cost is two dollars per marble in "minimum" lots of 12 marbles (plus return shipping and desired insurance). This scrubbing does not remove nicks, chips, bruises, moderate scratches or glass stock. Also if the marble has a deep valley or crease the machine will not take care of that issue. It does remove haze, crud, oxidation, teeny tiny hairline scratches, film and cloudiness and it leaves a real nice non greasy buff on the marbles surface. I am not responsible if I break one of your marbles, to date I have yet to break one, I know I said it's a new machine but I have done hundreds of marbles in the past and know a little bit about this stuff. At present turn around time is about a week. If interested you can contact me by email using this [email protected] Thanks for the read and please excuse any spelling mistakes. Ronnie

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