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New Kitties In The House

Chuck G

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Top row left looks like cage style Vitro; top row middle looks foreign; top row each side of middle looks Vitro but hard to tell from one view. 2nd row down - left looks like Vitro hybrid; next one looks like hybrid Vitro horseshoe type cat; next looks like a Vitro hybrid and right one is cage style but looks more foreign than Vitro? Middle row - left two look like Vitro hybrids; middle is Japanese 3-way crossthrough; right two are hard to tell. 4th row down, those 1st 3 I have seen before (maybe from you) but cna't remember - maybe Bogard or Master? right one looks like foreign black cat but also could be a CE Bogard. Bottom row- MK lavendar cat's. All IMHO. Nice variety, Chuck.

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