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Marbles Wanted

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please see the marbles below that are wanted:

peltier blue galaxy

peltier superman

akro agate lavender and orange snake

christensen 3 color flame

M.F. christensen oxblood brick

akro sparkler

thank you everyone!! and if anybody has ANY of these marbles PM me!!! please reply and keep post!!!!

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1stopmibshop had a mint Peltier Superman on ebay that had a Buy It Now price of $175 on it this past week. It didn't sell & I don't know if he's relisting it. By lavender and orange snake, do you really mean an opaque corkscrew in those colors? I've never seen a snake with both lavender and orange. Oxblood bricks come up on ebay quite often. Peltier Blue Galaxies are rare enough that they seldom come up for bid and most collectors won't part with theirs.

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wow zaboo, that's a beaut! Don't remember ever seeing one before.

Rylee, I only asked for a price range because the brick, superman, sparkler and 3 color flame are quite common on e-bay and should be an easy pick unless you want a "great deal". The Galaxy and snake are a hard to find item and giving a price range could save everyone time.

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