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Marble Alan- The Legend

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Yesterday was a terrible day. We are sad to hear of the passing of Alan (Marble Alan) Basinet. It is the end of an era. We lost our friend who helped all by sharing his marble knowledge. More importantly, he made us better people by setting high standards of excellence, integrity, and humility.

This story has ended.

Let the next story begin.

Now is the future. We are left with many happy memories . We will praise and remember tales of Marble Alan and so we say good-bye. Our stories begin the legend of Marble Alan.

May we all carry this joyous legend forward.

God speed Buddy!

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Even though I have no story to tell of him, the knowledge I have soaked in about him is unexplainable. He was practically, "The Marble" in all of us...... making the marble inside of us glow every time he spoke or his name was mentioned in any wonderful way...... Rest In Peace and may all of our hearts be with you, because your in all of ours..

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