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Lucky Surprise - Need Advice About It


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Hi Folks,

When sorting through a couple of buck Ebay handful, I looked over a plain "black" one to see if it went in the opaque or clearie jar. To my surprise, I spied a faint "9" under the grime. Could it be???

Yes! Very dark transparent green with an oxblood nine and tail, cutoff line, and horizontal layers of oxblood, white and green.

Please excuse the quality of the photos. They were taken in a dish of water to make the pattern more visible.


Now, the questions....It's small, barely 21/32", aren't most Bricks larger?

Does the small size lessen value?

Although it is in good shape, with only three very small, shallow chips and and as as-made small dimple near the top of the 9, the surface is very scratched, making it hard to see the pattern (without spit). Would this be a good candidate for polishing?

Thanks as always,


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This sounds like one of my favorite types of marbles, the MF Christensen oxblood slag. They are fairly rare and usually bring a good price. Even though I am a type collector, it is one type that I collect several examples. Good catch! Steve

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