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Very Rare 4 Lobed Joseph Coat


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Recently I found a very rare marble. A 4 lobed joseph coat. The size is 1-3/16 inch, or 30mm. I showed photos of the marble to some long time and well known collectors, to ask there opinion. Some of them has seen one before, but not with such clear lobes, but an other collector told me he has never seen one before. Two photos were taken under water, to show the lobes better. On the other photos the lobes seems not so deep, but in hand they show much better. I think my camera has a difficulty to focus at the right point of the marble. The marble has also green aventurine glass. Lobed marbles are the earliest marbles, so it is strange to find lobes in a joseph coat. But perhaps the maker of this marbles tried to compete more with the first cheaper machine made marbles. With these lobes and aventurine he probably tried to create more desirable marbles.

I will put this marble on ebay in the near future, but before I do, I am curious what other collectors think. If any one is realy interested in it to buy it, let me know.

I look forward to your reactions!







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