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Look What I Found

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In the wild - in one buy- what fun! The corkscrews and oxblood are about my extent of knowledge about Akro. There were other marbles along with these and I'm still trying to identify the ones that look interesting.

The three marbles in a row seem to be the same color family - a blue and green that I couldn't place and I was leaning toward Vitro. Then I noticed that the third marble is a corkscrew. Does this mean that the other two are also Akro? They don't seem to be anything but "swirls".



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thats a pretty good catch,, ya know i think the white oxbloods came in a package of 100, i say this because one time i bought a jar with almost a hundred in it at one time, it was the only mibs at the sale,, i sure would love to see the packaging to verify, havent yet,,, the blue greens are always awesome,, and corks are fun,,, nice score,,, bj

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