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Elderly Couple Wanting To Sell

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well, were all on the look out for mibs, wild or whatever, i have several websites i go to to look for them because getting around is getting worse for me with this massive hernia i have,, anyway i email a person who posted a garage sale ad saying they have marbles,, i emailed them and ask them because of the cost of gas could i get some pictures of what they had , my old van gets 11 mpg so i can only hope they send pics,, i get this email back from them and it makes me mad that people out there take advantage over elderly people,, just burns me up sometime,,, for those of you that are rolling your eyes, just remember The Golden Rule,,, thats my vent,,, heres what they said,,, bj

I have pounds of them. I just have not decided which to sell and how to sell them (by the cigar box or ziploc bag or what. I do not know anything about marbles - I have just collected them for years as I liked them. My husband and I are retired now and need to downsize (and the $ will help). We live near Rochester if that is closer. I have had bad luck in the past at garage sales with people switching marbles from box to box or bag to bag and in one case, actually buying the cheaper box and taking (without paying) the better box. Hence the reason I am hesitating about taking too many to the sale. I have to depend on the honesty of the buyer, and it is really my responsibility to give the items a value. I will try to find time to sort out some mixed groups, Totally understand your concern with gas prices. Thanks for your interest.

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