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Need A Marble Id Contemp And What It Is Like Toi Be Married To A Marble Collector

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Hi All last weekend Jan and I were out in Milwaukee again got a nice 2 inch contempt


and a clown juggling two nice marbles , they must be from Italy as they are part of a Murano glass clown


. also picked up a cod bottle with writing on , a Cornucopia I think it is from Gersery glass ? it is that mate finish . A Mexicali cover . But the best was 5 Timex watch cabinets all need work . but a good deal The ride home was different as I could not see out the back and not out Jans side as she had one on the lap . Took a few pics before Janet got out . So any Ideas on who might have made the contempt as it is not signed ??


, Jan was great on the more cabinets but said finish the other 3 you have apart before working on these. , Yes that is LOVE . Mike


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