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The Arkansas Show

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Monday afternoon update;

Right now, we have about 15 rooms lined up and about 16-17 tables for Saturday;

we are getting close to capacity on tables; please let me know if you've decided to attend;

the group room rate is still good; although I'm still anxious, this show is shaping up to be good!

Rich, good to talk to you and looking forward to meeting you and that new designed marble;

some think it's time for Chuck G. to sell some of his 1000s of Peltiers (and a few of his hypops)


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I am so bummed I won't be there. I have been leaning hard on my Dad to go but he's a stubborn ole Missouri Mule. He has about 101 excuses but none of them sound very good to me.

Next year can you have it in September so I can come?

I am sure you will have a fabulous show and I'm so jealous I could spit!!!


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Suzie, I recall talking to you some time ago.

Chuck G is going to monitor the show and provide me with feedback, one area

will be date; I'll also get feedback from our sellers; I support all shows and don't

want to schedule the same time; September may have some issues for our area;

I suspect that once your dad got here, he would be ok;

your drive isn't bad, great people, marbles, and food might convince him;

If you want, I'll talk to him personally; give me a call tonight


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Thursday night update:

we had nine rooms open for trading and a lot of activity; there are some incredible marbles here;

I held a green guinea, and some jaw dropping hybrid popeyes and oxbloods, and killer Peltiers here;

I talked with Rich Shelby until after midnight; he is an extremely knowledgeable and very personable fellow; his work is incredible; his room was very busy; his wife is hopefully going to take some pics at the show; more folks coming in today; we are at capacity at 20 tables for Saturday; if you are within driving distance of us, come on; you will not be disappointed. Gametech, look forward to meeting you.

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haven't updated due to family illness; here's a brief update;

we had 18 tables and between 200-300 people come through; folks were still coming after noon;

I don't think we had big buyers but lots of people making some buys, looking and learning;

most of our sellers were smiling and said they did well;

I have a new profound appreciation for those of you who organize and hold marble shows;

I have a list of suggestions to improve the show also;

marble people are really nice and helpful folks; thanks to Rich and his sweet wife for some photos;

I hope all of you get to meet Rich at some time; an incredible guy!

thanks also to Chuck G who helped with a lot of IDs; people brought in tons of marbles!

(that's me trying to ID marbles a couple of nice ladies brought in;

they had a blast and bought a few marbles)

will post more info later

Gary Gregory

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