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Fantastic Find, Wet Mint 12 Lobed Mica Onionskin


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Recently I found a super marble. It is a wet mint 2-7/16 inch 12 lobed single pontil single gather mica onionskin. It has about all a great marble should have. The condition is perhaps the most rare of this marble. A very well known top collector has held this marble in his hands too, and this is what he wrote me. "The marble arrived. It's just a tad under 2 7/16" and in as good condition as I've seen in any marble. i.e. 9.9 or even 10.0!

When it arrived and I held it in my hands, it looked like a shiny diamond. Never seen such a large handmade in this kind of condition. Enjoy the photos, and I look forward to your reactions.





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