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Need A Bit Of Help Please...

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When Clinton Isreal left Akro and before Master Marble was started, there is a period in his life when he was unemployed.

I have done a bit of research that leads down two totally different paths.

Path 1 - Isreal had no regular employment during that period of time and just worked on setting up the Master Marble Company using the money he earned at Akro.

Path 2 - Isreal hung out at the Alox Marble Manufacturing Company, with no pay, and used their marble making machines to experiment on a design he made when with Arko.

My research has this conflict so I am asking the group to help me straighten out the contradiction. All the other three areas of his life I have documented with reliable information.

When I get it all ready, I am going to post the results of my research about this interesting person.

Thanks for your help in advance.


ps. Does anyone have contact information for the Isreal family? I'd like to speak/email them but I can't seem to find any current information. Thanks again.

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What led you to the Alox hypothesis? I was pretty sure that the Master Marble Co. was established quite awhile before Alox got their marble machines. I have the late 30's as when Alox started making marbles.

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PM returned. :)

If I understand correctly Master started in May 1930. I don't know what month he left Akro but it wouldn't have been much before that, right?

Alox supposedly got their marble machines in the late 1930's from some West Virginia marble company, so that they would have a reliable source (themselves) for Chinese Checkers marbles.

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