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Curious On Recent Jabo Packaging

Al Oregon

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This seller has listed a ton of bags over the last many months. It appears they have had access to or purchased original Jabo headers and are packaging their own bags. At first, it was sorting out different types of "old" Jabos by color, pattern, etc. I had emailed the seller and was told they were packaging marbles that they had bought from Jabo over the years. Now, it is including bags of Investor run marbles. The link is below for one of the bags. My question is this - is this seller doing this for Jabo - meaning that Jabo is packaging these or profiting from the sales? If not, why would Jabo be letting them use their name and headers in packaging these marbles? It gives the impression that these are bags of marbles that were packaged by Jabo. Unlike the fantasy bags where people make fake or fantasy headers, these are real Jabo headers and, Jabo is still in business - right?



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cant answer your query ,al but i know theres a room full of headers--boxes stacked industrial shelving full...you could give someone full time wages just workin on these....i dont know this guy but hes from the area ...when i get more time im goin down to the factory....hopefully before the marble fest...

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