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A Marblealan Ebay Auction From 2010...what Great Memories!


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Yeah I miss them as well, but there is still good stuff out there.

Alan died way too young. A vegan most of his life and still got cancer, makes you wonder.

I lost several people this past year.

My best friend of 20 years, we talked daily, we were close, he died of an overdose of pain medication leaving behind a 1 year old son. (47 years old)

Another was a friend from high school, we were actually roomates during college, he died of an overdose of pain medication, he broke his back a year ago and was hooked on pills. (45 years old)

Another buddy of mine died, probably another overdose, we worked together for years, got pretty close, went scuba diving together once. (42 years old)

My younger brother spent 60 days in the ICU, his pancreas almost exploded, I will spare you the gory details, but after some surgeries and with Gods help he survived, non of the doctors thought he would live, he beat all odds, worst case they have ever seen. He just about drank himself to death.

(36 years old)

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