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Pressed Glass Animals??


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Hey Folks!!!

Long time, no talk to.... I apologize!! I've just gotten so wrapped up in other stuff... (Animal rescue, on the public side. Clearing out and selling my Dad's house on the family side... He's fine, we just got him to move closer.)

Somewhere, back in time, there was someone collecting small pressed glass animals that were made by one of the marble companies... Duffy (Steve) was that you? If not, do you remember who? (My memory sucks sometimes!! LOL)

I came across a swan... The figure can be seen in a completed ebay auction #350631510574...

If this is one of the correct figures, I'd be happy to send it out to whoever it was that was collecting them.

I may not be around much, but my heart is always here!!

'Have a great New Year!!! 'Love ya!! Sue

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