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Who Might Have Made These Early 90's

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Well seams to be a lot of knowledge on early contempt's so here are some I bought all at Amana in 1996 , almost was a time when when some there did not want any commentary marbles at the show . I got these and just always wondered who might have made them . the one with mica looks like it was rolled in it is a second stage?? the pink core I liked but when taking the pictures I can see inside it has a red and yellow core inside the pink . wow after about 17 years I even like it more after taking pics , but still wonder who ?? In the years I have a few from artist that just did a few like Beth Cox and Chuck Pritchard might show a few of there later ..Mike








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One option - since marble collectors now know how important it is to keep records (we know the companies really didn't) would be to contact the people that ran the Amana Show back in 1996 and see if they still have their "records" of who attended. That might help narrow it down.

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Sorry, I wrote before I looked again. The size seems to say furnace marbles to me. They do have 1 open pontil too. Early on the WV people were making them. Not Hamon family with 1 open pontil Could be Jim Davis, could be Charles Gibson. They don't look George Williams to me. Those have a cleaner look than the ones I have. My best guess would be Jim Davis. However, Eddie

Seese was making them with 1 open pontil early on so possibly his. Sammy Hogue wasn't using his own colors at that time period. he was using glass from Mid Atlantic where he worked. So I ruled him out


This is a Jim Davis from the early 1990's

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More Jim Davis:


This one shows better.

I'll post some by George Williams below.




This one is Charles Gibson


Mr. Gibson occasionally used lutz


This is a 1989 Charles Gibson

Gibson, Williams, did not sign. Jim Davis, all Hamon family, Eddie Seese, and Sammy Hogue always signed.

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I have a few Gibson and I do not see any of these thee as his also I think there three different artist one has like a ground unpolished pontil with a two stage latticinio core , the one with the open ends shows so much inside and how the mica is a different stage make me think not a cane marble ? like I said I even enjoy it more after taking pictures , But thinking about the big blue and white there are a few other colors way inside so that could be a Gibson as he liked to put muliti colors in a latticinio core , will post a picture of one of the ones I have . Mike


This Gibson marble has every color that is on the out side in the ind side core .


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The ones Mike pictures are late 1980s to early 1990s. I have a couple dozen of these type packed away somewhere. There were also about a dozen in the Rocco collection when I bought it a couple of years ago. Those dozen had to have been acquired prior to 1992. I'm thinking they are House of Glass from out in Indiana. They are not Gibson and they are not early Jim Davis.

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