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Did Any Of You Win This Marble At The Last Morphy Auction? Vaseline Glass Opaque Marble

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Did any of you win (or know who has won) the large opaque Vaseline glass marble at the last Morphy Auction? it's lot 1800. here's a link:


I have several marbles with a Vaseline base and I would really like to know what kind of pontil this one has. It's impossible to see the pontil on these pics.

Thanks in advance! You can contact me through a PM or post a reaction here.

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Guest browse4antiques

You'd think that Morphy's would know by now that their pics of handmades should show the pontils. It makes me wonder why they didn't :mellow: . Below is a pic of a 15/16" yellow that I had once. It was so bright under UV that didn't want to handle it. You can see that one pontil is shaped and the other is a "regular" pontil. ... Roger


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