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Black Akro Ashtray


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There are 3 of them. Looks like what you are talking about.

since we are talking akro ashtrays....

I picked up a 2 3/4" square silver/white oxblood ashtray at a consignment store last week. First one that small, wet mint. Pretty cool.

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Glad Duffy got this going again.

Always liked the ashtrays.

I was purchasing occasional non-marble Akro

stuff for a period of time a few years ago.

So my two cents here is to say that I have a

spectacular 'silver oxblood' ashtray. Might have

gotten a little lucky, but was able to afford it.

I never saw any black pieces that I could even afford

an opening bid on. So I may be two or three years

behind, but in my experience mibcapper is right in saying the

blacks are harder to find, and most often priced accordingly.

And I like his term 'whacked out ox'! If you've seen one, you know. :)

William Marbles' bay link reminded me that this is the seller I got

most of my limited Akro knowledge from. Just from watching the auctions.

And the current price on the ashtrays isn't that bad compared to most of

the 'out of the ballpark' black Akro prices I've seen.

(I May Not Be Remembering Correctly! Please Don't Take This As Advice!)

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yup...just tryin to get some info on em so i can price em right for s-ville....i dont use ebay as a pricing tool...i saw em in the vitro general line book of values for 150.00...that seems high to me ...but i only paid half a dollar for it...

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Think you got a great deal any way you look at it!

But yeah, you more serious and experienced people

are more in tune with what's really going on.

I'm just thinking the bay prices can be an extra indicator

of how one style of object might compare to another

as far as popular opinion.

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