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Marble Cyberauction #1110 - Dec 8 2013


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The catalogue and images fro Marble CyberAuction #1110 are up on my website and on iCollector. The auction will be held online starting at 8PM NYC time on Sunday December 8. You can place absentee bids at iCollector (see link below). Here's the links and some images. 135 lots of handmade and machine made marbles. Wish I had time to catalogue more, but work's been busy.

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Of course there were bargains. I hate icollect never have had any luck using them for anything and last night was no exception. No problem with logging in just couldn't get in the auction just kept kicking to check java over and over. Never have problems with any other live online auctions just icollect. glad somebody got bargains bummed it wasn't me.


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It was same here on trying to get in. After a couple a couple auctions that way I called their customer service. Seems my IE didnt like them. They suggested I use Mozilla/firefox or chrome. Downloaded yahoo's firefox. It was real slow until I got rid of all the extra ad programs that came with it. After that it was fine.

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