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Wow !! World Class Handmades

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Again, WOW !!

I was blown away by some of the recent and archival pictures that have surfaced on this Board:

- the mint assortment of decorated chinas that was discovered stored in a porcelain factory near Lauscha,

- Hansel's beauriful and large single pontil Indian swirl with probable provinance tracing it back to its maker,

- and still an enigma, those psychedelic gutta percha marbles.

These all belonng in museums . . .

Do hope some skilled person out there can organize these marbles for an easy view.

Big Indian with no braid

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no they are not mine(although a few in the case were mine at one time) and I know little about them. They appear to be balls for game pieces not marbles for marble games. They are too light for marble games IMO and would not last long at all.. I have had one that was chipped up and it iappears to be a type of paint(latex??) on the surface. Yes they had metallic paints in the turn of the century. As Hansel stated the material appears to be made of a binding substance mixed with other stuff. Possibly even some small metal pieces mixed in accounting for the sparks one person saw when cutting one..

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Could not locate the gutta percha pictures but here are the china pictures and Hansel's Indian single pontil. Popeyecollector

As far as having a documented origin, these marbles were found in an old porcelain factory in Effelder-Rauenstein, less than 10 miles from Lauscha, as the crow flies.

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I picked that last pic just because ... and then I saw that the yellow dot on that top one of the group of three was special. This pic has a closer up view of the yellow dot.


#69 icon_share.png hdesousa

As far as origin goes, here is the only antique German marble I've seen, where the probable maker is known.
This marble (1 13/16" or 46 mm) was recently bought from a 60 year old, who said her grandfather, Fritz Greiner-Perth, made the marble in Kühnertshütte, Lauscha.
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