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Don't know if they have been polished or what the condition is yet had a guy that wants to sell them to me wants 800 I think a little much but I don't collect that kind and knew there were people here that do so was looking for a good amount to offer them and pass them on. I have a lot of pictures and they look good but wanted an amount in mind if I go look at them. If you could give me a figure that you would think they are worth I will pass it on to him. Thanks Stacy

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Personaly the elephant looks the most interesting to me.

If there are all mint condition the price may be in line, but whether you could flip them for a quick profit above the 800 is hard to say.

Now if they are not mint or if they are repaired in anyway then 800 is most likely way to high.

I would like to see more pictures of the elephant if possible.


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