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"marbles Are Fun" ...new Song Sung At The 2014 Des Moines Marble Meet

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Last year at the 2013 Des Moines Marble Meet, my two grandsons , Grant/10 and Miles/8 and I /67 were challenged to write a song about marbles by the Marble Lady / Cathy Runyan-Svacina. We performed that song at this years 2014 Des Moines Marble Meet .
I wrote the words and gave them to my daughter Allie , who is a professional Christian song writer/ singer. She collaborated with Grant and Miles to word smith and create a melody and rhythm. The boys are musicians as well as marble collectors. Miles is lead singer, Grant is on the keyboards . I accompany the boys on guitar for rhythm and back up Miles with the singing. Here are the words. If I can figure out how tho post the video of our performance at the Marble Shooting Tournament, I will in the future. Dave from Iowa

Marbles Are Fun
© 2013 By Dave Brauhn, Miles Lapointe, and Grant Lapointe

Chant : starts the song…..

Knuckles down, …close an eye,…
Line ‘em up ,… and let it fly!

Marbles are fun, marbles are fun
Like jewels in the sun, love that special one
Shoot ‘em or collect ‘em, game ‘em or protect ‘em
Marbles are fun, marbles are fun

The keepers are like works of art
And commons also play a part
Marbles give special joy
To make a game a favorite toy


Everyone’s got a lost-marbles-joke
If I hear one more I think I’ll explode
“Have you lost your marbles?” makes no sense at all
**’cause if marbles truly were brain cells,
marble collectors would be the smartest of us all**


I never met a marble I didn’t like or need
You just can’t have too many **’cause marblers are a special breed**


Chant : ends the song…..

Knuckles down, …close an eye,…
Line ‘em up ,… and let it fly!
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