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George Williams Marble


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Hope the last name is correct. I always remember 'George', and

then my brain fills up with every famous George last name I've ever heard.

I wish I had more of his beautiful marbles. I like his style.

Was practicing with the sort of awkward manual focus on the new little camera.

I've generally found that manual focus is necessary for close-up shots, although

people with different shooting styles might find auto-focus just fine.

For the second time recently I broke my rule about not shooting outdoors between 10 and 2.

Although the overall light quality was a perfect bright/overcast day, a polarizer wasn't much good

for those reflections from straight overhead. You know what they say. "You live, you don't learn."


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Thanks everyone!

Williams sounded right and I just confirmed it.

To the best of my knowledge he favored simple bold designs,

including clearies and blackies, which looked nice alongside the colorful ones.

Most I've seen have been in the 1.5 to 2.125 inch range.

Looked up Pavliscak since I didn't know him. He sure does some wild stuff! ( :

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More George Williams marbles


When David McCullough moved back to Pennsboro, he and George Williams and Robert L. Hamon met in the evenings and talked glass. Sometimes they played with glass together. Sometimes they had a beer or two. David learned a lot about glass from these two.

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George Williams marble He was already ill with cancer when I discovered his wife and the shop at Jane Lew, WV. He was not in the shop. Unfortunately, he died before contemporary marbles became so popular. He never quite closed the pontils tightly.

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Thanks for the photos and the information about Julia Powell.

I was vaguely remembering once seeing a couple marbles listed as 'George Williams' that I had my doubts about.

They involved young children frolicking in a garden, or something similar, and were too 'cute' for my taste.

Didn't seem to fit in with his bold geometric style, but apparently the description left out one of the artists.

Mystery solved! ( :

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