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Hi Everyone!

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Welcome Cebby!

I'm not sure which marble type you refer to. As far as I know Champion Furnace marbles were not connected with Jabo. I think they were from the 1990's.

Here is a post from 2002 by Ron Shepherd's ex, who was also very involved with marbles and the boards back then:


Posted by Paula Shepherd on Alan's Board - June 23, 2003 (from WVMCC website):

On November 22, 2002, I had a phone conversation with Dave McCullough (former manager at Champion Agate and currently Vice-President of JABO-Vitro) According to McCullough, Champion furnace marbles were made in the mid-1990's. He said that Roger Jones, who was a very knowledgeable glassman used Wizmach glass to wash out the tanks when changing runs. Located in Paden City, West Virginia, Wizmack makes plate and cathedral glass. This plate glass was not compatible with the glass in the tanks at Champion and that is why it was used to wash out the tanks - this incompatibility is also why nearly all of the furnace marbles have internal fractures. McCullough told me that, according to Jones, Wizmack glass was run once or twice a month in the mid-1990's and that there would have been 5 or 6 buckets full of marbles each time - making the total number of furnace marbles well over 6,000. He also said that Jones told him that the yellow glass cleaned out the tanks best. This most likely explains why we see more yellow furnace marbles than other colors. (Note; According to Dave McCullough, Mr. Jones passed away in 1996 or 1997)




If you're sure about the 2009 date, then you might be talking about a marble type which is new to me. :)

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