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Need Id's Please


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Hi! Welcome.

Yikes. That's a lot in one post.

Best to have a separate thread for each group. :)

Separate threads make it easier for people to take a shot at 'em with a minimum of confusion and a maximum of energy. :)

Group 10 looks like modern Marble Kings ... made in the 2000's possibly.

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Group 1:

#1. Not sure. Bigger than an average "game marble". Possibly a Jabo ... made after 1990.

#2. Foreign. Modern. Made in China or Mexico.

#3. Modern Marble King, made after 1970 ... possibly much more recently.

#4. Possibly older Marble King. Maybe 1960's?

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Group 11 is interesting. Very.

I might have thought Peltier if I just saw one of two of them. Seeing so many at once makes me wonder if there was a modern lookalike made for that Peltier style.

That is what I was thinking : /

:thup: They really deserve their own thread. Why don't you repost them in the General Marble and Glass Chat section. Get more people to see them ....

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Group 4

#1. Does this belong with Group 11?

#2. I'm thinking Imperial. A nice Imperial. Could still be Master but I'm not leaning that way.

#3. Marble King Cat's Eye.

#4. Clearie. Hard to say who would have made it. So many companies made clearies. If you really really really want to know, you might be able to recognize the structure by putting it under a blacklight. Sometimes on the red ones you can seem seams or V's or swirls under a blacklight.

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Group 5

#1. Hmmm ... who made purple swirls? Guess it could be Alley or Champion. Might have to settle for putting in with the game marbles.

#2. Another hmmm ... and maybe Champion

#3. Marble King Cat's Eye

#4. Modern Marble King

Okay, I'm tired now. Gonna stretch my legs. :D Maybe someone else will pick up the baton. :D

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I'm back and that baton is still lying there on the track. I'll pick it up again. :D

Group 6

#1. Basic solid. A little bigger than traditional game marble. Don't see distinguishing features though, so probably goe in with the game marbles.

#2. Foreign, modern

#3. Don't know. First impulse was to say foreign. Guess it could be American-made though.

#4. Marble King

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Group 8

#1. Foreign (I think)

#2. Marble King, similar to some of those posted above

#3. Marble King

#4. Hard to say ... might need more views.

#3 has a special name which I don't remember off the top of my head. I think #2 does also.

I think #2 and #3 are both medium old.

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Group 9

A lot of clearies as well as some of the marble types seen above.

Clearies used to be very popular. Like with kids who actually played with them decade ago. I seem to recall reading about when it was a Vitro best seller.

They're so popular, and versatile, that many companies made them. It could be amusing to try to sort those by maker but it's practically impossible.

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Group 12

More game marble and cat's eyes and clearies. Don't really have a good guess for the green swirly ones.

*whew* :D

Maybe someone else will take a peek and fix some of my ID's or tell us what the names of those Marble Kings are. :)

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