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" Buddy Rich And His Buddies - Playtime" Album (Playing Marbles)

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Playing marbles on the front and the B side has the song "Marbles", an instrumental piece (www.youtube.com/watch?v=svpUXYphr2U).

Recorded in 1961 and released in 1962. Rereleased on CD in 2012.

Artists and instruments: Buddy Rich: drums; Mike Mainieri: vibraphone; Sam Most: flute; John Morris: piano; Wilbur Wynne: guitar; Richard Evans: bass; Wyatt Ruther: bass; Vinny Marino: congas.

Record Label: Fresh Sound Records

The picture above is the album cover. Below is the playlist and CD cover



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The Buddy Rich marbles song is included in his excellent Mosaic Records collection, The Classic Argo, Emarcy and Verve Small Group Recordings of Buddy Rich.

(Fresh Sounds is a Spanish bootleg label.)

For other marble music, here is the Mexican children's song, The March of the Marbles, performed by Eugenia Leon.

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