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One More Time "fused Canes" I Hope All Could Learn From

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Not long ago I received an email and it was about fused cane marbles. He has such a marble. This collector wrote: "2 cores with very thin open seam between them". I did not understand the word "seam" at first, so I looked it up. I don't know if I understand it correctly, and if the word "seam" stands for the opening in the cane, or the space between the canes. But I did see the opening in the separate canes at my fused onionskin, and also with my other fused swirl.

Look at the photo of the fused cane onionskin. I circled the two openings (seam?) of complete canes.

Also the photos of the fused swirl. I put it under my scanner. It is hard to see, but the latticino core is a complete cane, and ends into a very small tube. So that is potential a complete marble, and a single ribbon was fused alongside to it.

I hope I understand it now, but comments are welcome.





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