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Marble Newbie Basic Questions

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Good morning!

(Feel free to skip to the numbered questions below)

I literally just got into looking at marbles a few days ago. What prompted my searching was that I'm making a rolling kinetic ball sculpture and wanted cool balls 3/4" to use. I picked out the steel ball bearings, wood balls, black and basic colors, and marbles was one of the last things I searched. Low and behold it quickly became the most searched item. I wanted 3/4" but now it looks like I might go with a range of 5/8", 3/4" and 1" marbles.

Where can I buy 3/4" marbles?

Is there a place you can buy small quantities together or better assortments for 3/4" marbles?

Are there any other bulk marble sites? (The ones that I've used are Land of Marbles, Ebay, Glass Marbles, and Marbles Marbles)

My main issue* is that marbles are really expensive when you start getting a decent variety. I don't need 7000 balls just to get a semi-decent deal, but I want some irridecent, crackled, swirls, etc. Currently my options are the Big Box from Land of Marbles, the Assorted Ebay Sellers, and that's about it. -- Otherwise I think I might just start selling marbles myself! Buy a bunch in bulk that I want, syphon off the top and then resell them in assorted how I wish I could've bought them!

(Again I'm new) I don't understand how people buy marbles. Let's use an example. Jabo makes their latest run, who does Jabo sell it to? I looked on ebay and Jabo has some really nice looking marbles, I wouldn't mind spending $17 for 25 assorted marbles, but I want to know more about the consumer chain.

[i did look at the links of stores in the forums, are these stores really it?!?! Sorry, but they seem really primitive. Are there really no other marbles sellers?]

*I don't need handcrafted 1860's german marbles, I just want interested and varied designs in 3/4". (The big box of marbles tackles 1", and 5/8" is really common since that's a standard playing size.)

I FORGOT TO SAY THANKS! Thank you to everyone who may comment, and thanks for everyone who bothered reading this! I really appreciate it!!!!

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Hello and welcome.

Have you asked Land of Marbles about 3/4" marbles? Pete Caparelli is the proprietor. You could ask about 3/4" marbles at his forum and/or message him at his forum. Land of Marbles forum He might be able to put a special order together for you. He does sell marbles in bulk through another site.

Here are some 18mm marbles, which are a little less than 3/4".

Moon Marbles

Searching google by millimeters rather than inches might be helpful. 19mm would be closest to 3/4" of course.

Here's the Marble King site. Definitely check them out. They list cat's eyes in the 3/4" size. You could call and ask them if they also have solids or translucents or clearies in that size.


Marble King Cat's Eye page

I'd think you could get some pretty Mexican marbles in your desired size range but I'm not immediately seeing where to look for them. Pete at LOM sells the marbles from Mexico so I'd start by asking him about them.

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P.s., here is the site of the Mexican marble company. I don't have any idea how one might go about buyingfrom them directly. They sell around the world through various distributors. But I don't suppose it would hurt to ask them either.

Fábricas Selectas

Edit: Also known as Vacor, and in the U.S. as Mega marbles.

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Dang, I can't believe I forgot.

I have a number of 3/4" Jabo classics which are definitely for sale.

I'll take a photograph a little later. I'm tending to a sick cat right now. But hopefully I can get you a picture today.

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