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Need Help To I.d. These Clay Marbles


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Hi: Acquired these 5 Clay Marbles as part of a recent purchase of a small marble collection and not entirely sure of what they are called. The purple and green are 15/16" in diameter and look like Dyed Clays, but, have eyes like Benningtons ?? The one with the purple lines also looks like a Dyed Clay with the random lines added ?? It also measures 15/16". The next 2 I've never seen before. One has a white base with light brown splotches and a random thick greyish blue linear pattern. It measures 27/32". The last one also has a white base with some thin light brown lines and all over black splotches. It measures 25/32". The latter 2 are highly glazed. All are Mint. Any help with the proper I.D. will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bob (Metalshelf)




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Just "dyed clays" will work for all three, although the one with the lines might also be called a "rolled commie." Usually the pattern is more random (they were rolled down a slanted shallow trough covered with dye pigment) but this one looks hand painted.

The Bennington-type eyes occur on some dyed clays because the color was thickly applied, and wherever they were touching something else (the shelf, a neighbor) you'd get one . . .

They look to be in great shape. Not that easy to find in that condition, at least when I was looking for some.

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