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How Long Does It Take To Build A Marble Run?


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Hello all,

there are some wonderful marble runs around here. Watching the video clips or galleries just shows ease or elegance running those. From my own experience I know that it sometimes is not so easy to well construct a marble run and that there is plenty of time spent. The more complex the run the more time it might take to get things working is my feeling.

"A Tribute To Imperfection" started out January 2014 and was presented once end of September 2014. From there it was a continous evolution to "Jubiläumsedition" shown end of July 2015. But the story is not over. Next plan is May 2016 to show the final version. There is not much add-on planned but this time I will spend every effort to get every station, every effect working as reliably as possible. There are so many details that need attendance to avoid marbles spin off the tracks.

How long does it take you from the first idea until the complete marble run works first time?

How long does it take you until your construction is ready for reliable work on shows or exhibitions?

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[...] depending of the size and complexity, it takes some days to months [...]

Well that is pretty fast when comparing it with my efforts. You are years ahead with your experience, that might play a role also.

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