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The Tag Says Corals.....


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and they were apperently thought very highly of. In a previous post I explained how my dad bought some marbles at an auction. The marbles were all labled and priced, as if they had been in a retail environment at some point. These were labled corals but don't look like any corals I have known. They are 5/8" (one or two maybe slightly under) Can they be confirmed or denied?

Thank you very much in advance for looking at my marbles. Even more thanks if you comment :)




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Ravenswood, I believe.

I was calling them corals up until last week.

But I asked about them and was told some of the "coral guys" don't call 'em that -- reserving the name for marbles of a different color. But if you don't call them coral, I don't know if they have any other name.

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