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Greetings From The Cold North!


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Hello, I have been a lurker on the boards for a few days now and decided to become a member as it seems like a very nice place
(and I wanted to see some pictures of marbles :P )

I purchased a full very old cigar box of marbles back in early summer and was interested in identifying them with a little more certainty. I also have a father who has jars of marbles tucked away throughout his house I thought it might be a good idea to get myself acquainted with identifying them now.

I dabble in dealing with antiques, and collectibles as well as other items online here and there. I have built up good relations with a number of antique dealers, pickers and also run around to the local auctions and yard sales whenever I can. With that being the case their have been numerous times when I have seen Bags, Boxes, Jars, etc of marbles on my travels but never really looked too deeply into them other than looking to see if they had hand ground pontil's (basic knowledge at best, which I am going to hopefully start to change now).

However after purchasing that box of marbles I recently decided to take a closer look as cabin fever had started to set in and noticed one of the first that I picked out looked quite interesting (oxblood limeade or lemonade shooter)(I think :lol: ) And here we are!

With all of that said I probably will be selling most of what I find, (trying to be honest) but you never know once you take an interest in something that's when a hobby starts!

A Big thank you for this extensive information resource to the administrator and all of the moderators! :)

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Welcome, Duckers.

Post some marbles in the ID forum and let's have some fun! ^_^

Post 'em in small groups for ID and start a new thread for each small group of marbles. Works best that way.

(But no harm in giving us a bigger group shot to get a feel for what you have.)

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