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Oxblood's And Others Found In A Cigar Box


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As I said in my intro thread been a lurker and recently looked a little closer at an old White Owls cigar box I had picked up in the summer from what I was told was an elderly individual (purchased from a picker) that was full of some really neat looking marbles (first marble I picked out is the first one shown.

Please excuse the photo's trying to get the hang of taking pictures of marble. :)
If you would like photo's of any spot not shown don't hesitate to ask!
If you want to see a larger version of the photographs just click on the photo and a larger version will open in a new tab.
All are completely uncleaned

I believe I know what the first 3 are however because I am just starting out wanted to be 100% The first one measures 3/4'' on calipers while the last 3 all measure 5/8''
The 1st Marble I believe is a Akro "Shooter" Oxblood Lemonade Swirl (reactive to black light)
2nd Akro Oxblood Silver (or could it be milky?) not reactive to black light as purple is from the light
3rd Oxblood Lemonade Swirl (reactive to black light)
4th Not so sure, it is slightly reactive to a black light in a similar fashion as the base glass of the first and 3rd marble are but other than that not sure of the maker maybe an Akro Corkscrew?
Thank you for all your help, I will be posting another thread with another 4 not shown right after this to help in the identification aspect per the tips at the top of this sub-forum.
GEDC4581.jpgGEDC4492.jpg GEDC4495.jpg GEDC4498.jpg
GEDC4501.jpgGEDC4502.jpgGEDC4503.jpg GEDC4506.jpg GEDC4507.jpg GEDC4519.jpg

GEDC4525.jpg GEDC4526.jpgGEDC4528.jpg GEDC4530.jpg


GEDC4536.jpg GEDC4537.jpg GEDC4538.jpg

GEDC4539.jpg GEDC4540.jpg GEDC4541.jpg GEDC4542.jpg


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I was unable to post every angle of each marble in my original posting ( I think I will have to edit images and make it so each angle is in a single photo before uploading) however with that said I am going to post a link to the photo hosting site I used with all of the marbles on it in case you need another angle not shown in this thread It might be there. :)

Thank you again!

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