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Anything Of Value (2 Of 3)


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Again, a nice vintage mix.

The blue and black Marble King Bumblebee adds to the fun quotient of the lot. But again it's commons.

That shooter-sized clear-based marble near the bottom of the lot is a little more interesting to me than the rest.

And there's a cloudy-based marble with a blue patch near the middle but in the top half of the group. I would pick that one up and hold it toward a light and see if I could see orange inside that one. That would make it an interesting marble.

If you posted this for $9.99 on ebay, someone might think that a bargain for the lot and you might get some higher bids. I really can't say how ebay psychology works these days.

P.s., the shooter at the very top also interests me just coz I don't know what it is. I don't expect it to turn out to be valuable, but I don't recognize it in this one view.

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