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Sell Part of Collection - ID help?


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I may try to sell part of my collection but would like some opinions if any stand out as valuable or if I might benefit by selling them 25-50 at a time...

Any ID help would be greatly appreciated as well...





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It all depends on how much work you want to put into it. I do not see anything that stands out as high dollar. I do see a good mix and if the condition is right they should sell. If they were mine I would take 10-15 per group not sorted by any particular means. Take the best pictures you can manage as pictures will be key. Take a picture and then roll the group and take another. Do this and get 4-5 group shots and list them on ebay. If the pics are decent and there are a couple good marbles in the group you will get bids. You might get a few dollars more for certain marbles but from what I can see it would not be different enough to do all the work of listing them individually. 

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