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Dieter Schellens

Greetings from Belgium!

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Hi everybody! Thanks for letting me in, I am Dieter, 28yo living in Belgium and my job is clearing country houses when they are vacated. In this way, I am engaged in the auction and sale of antiques at a semi-amateur level. In the meantime I had saved a number of kilograms of marbles because there is little interest in my country. My main reason is therefore to become more familiar with values first and foremost with the aim of selling. Over the years I also have a small box with my personal favorites even though I do not really have any idea of the value up to now so every tip is welcome.

Greetings from Belgium






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You are most welcome.  I love seeing what marbles come from European countries. 

Did there use to be more interest?  Do you think there are many collections hiding away waiting for people  to say, "Oh, I've had these lying around for ages -- I didn't know anyone would like them."

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To be honest with you , I myself have a little Ebay shop and a website dealing in antiques. The thought of looking up the marbles I had lying around just came recent to me.

I recently saw something about a marble factory on Discoveries "Hows its made" , I realized then that it should be considered glass-art. I actually believe there's alot hanging around, when I was young (now 28) everyone had a big bag of marbles laying around at grandparents, nobody put any interest in though 😛


Greetz D :)

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