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The red and yellow is a Vacor machine-made marble.  Style name: Red Devil.  This page is helpful with Vacors. 


I think the other two are contemporary handmades but I wouldn't be able to say who.  There are many individuals who have made marbles on a small scale.  There are Asian companies whose names we don't know who have mass-produced handmades.   Vacor de Mexico had a handmade line called the Atmosphere.  There was also a company in England which sold handmades which might have been made there in England -- I can't recall the name or if the marbles were made on site.  

Vacor Atmospheres have been popular among collectors but I'm not sure how easy it would be to confirm you had one without the packaging.  That said, the second marble looks to me like it could be an Atmosphere.  

Here is a 12-year-old  thread with some pictures of Atmospheres: 



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