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News Connected To Cairo Novelty - David Hanlon


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I just received a phone call from Mary Jane Wilson past owner of Playrite Marble and Novelty Co. and she informed me that David Hanlon passed away today after a long illness. David was Mary Janes nephew,and his father was Oris Hanlon who formed Cairo Novelty Company. Oris Hanlon had patent 2,422,413 his design allowed the machine to produce marbles 50% faster than any other machine in operation at that time. The company only had one machine,and my last report was that it was being reassembled,not to far from me. I had hopes to get a picture of David with this machine. Not long ago i showed some marbles in a display case to David and he immediately identified them as Cairo Novelty and talked about working with his father making them at the marble plant. David was former prosecuting attorney for Ritchie County WV,and also helped with some legal attorney work for the West Virginia Marble Collectors Club.

Sad news,more marble history gone.

Odd that a post came up this week about Cairo Novelty.

Ron S.

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here is a photo of David Hanlon (seated) at the Cario Marble Festival of 2005. not sure who three woman are but David Tamulevich is standing in the blue jean jacket. my uncle, John Ives, and i have many great memories digging at his father's old plant! sad news indeed! mon


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