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Marble Race Creator - video game

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Hi there!

This is my first post on this forum. Looks like the best place to let people know about my project. If not, let me know where I can post this.
I'm a Unity developer and some time ago I have became inspired by Jelle's sand marble races on youtube and decided to make a game where you can set your own marble races. The previous project has been discontinued because I have migrated to Unity. I can show you the current state of the project and will list some development plans. Following is a link to my twitter page where you can see a gif from the early gameplay.


- Top down 2d view
- Hexagonal track elements
- Single / Tournament races
- Selecting from a variety of different marbles
- Selecting from a huge number of tracks
- Built in track editor to create own tracks and share them with the community
- Downloading community made tracks
- Customizing settings:
    - Marble sizes
    - Track slope (affects marble speed)
    - Track flatness (affects how marbles stick to the middle of the track)
- Different camera modes
- Obstacles (fans, moving objects, etc)

Primarly the game will be released for Android and iOS. Should no technical problems arise the game will also be released for Steam.

If you have any questions or suggestions please help grow the discord community server -> https://discord.com/invite/eWkXeku84V

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