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Ft Wayne Marble Show 2022

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Guess what day it is?  Guess...What...Day...It...IS!!

Just got a report on the Ft. Wayne Show.  11 rooms as of hump day (today)  Sure wish I was there but work will keep me in Indy until Friday  :(( .  But Kim Winningham has it all under control.  Rest assured.  Annnnd... I have 8 phone calls to return tonight!!  Well, we all have our roles in the club.  

So... it's firming up to a number of folks driving in on the day of the show with marbles to sell. Can't wait to see them!! Collections that are 30-40 years old!!  Hurray!!  There's nothing like seeing how collecting took place decades ago and speculating on why they collected what they did.  

We hope to see you there!!  Nothing's gonna stop us from having a great day!!  What could be better?  Great old/new friends and marbles.  Get yourself to Ft.Wayne this Saturday!


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Another great show with 40 rooms. Old friends and new ones. First time show people. A busy four days with lots of smiles and marbles changing hands. As usual with many shows, I found a rare item that had been on my wish list. This show just keeps growing. Thank you to Mike, Kim and Eddie, again for the work to make this happen.  Attending a show is the easy part. More should enjoy all the smiles, marbles, and long time friendships found at marble shows.   

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Super great show.  My 3rd room trading attendance and first actual show.  Got 3 awesome marbles that had only been on my want list for a few weeks!!!  That's how cool shows can be.  Like said..."old" friends, new friends, so much to see.  And you can learn so much in a very short time!!

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